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Meet the Maker!

My name is Mary Samuels Crochet and the creator of Crescent City Swoon. I started Crescent City Swoon to share and create beautiful everyday gems that make people happy.

For a longtime I was a single parent and worked lots of jobs to make ends meet, eventually I found a 9-5 job and felt so grateful for the steady paycheck. For a time that worked. I met and married my wonderful husband and we settled in. However, I was miserable not creating things and making everyone around me miserable too.

I talked about pursuing skin care and designing what I call ‘functional art’ but never really did anything about it. One day, my daughter got sick of the complaints and said, “Stop talking and do it!’. So I stop talking about it, quit my job and proclaimed that I was opening a soap shop.

As I was studying to become an esthetician, I made lots of bath bombs, soap bars and candles. I found that not only is it ‘my thing’ but I can make it pretty too! Using oils, butters, sea salts and other natural ingredients I can make something beautiful, fun and functional that enhances our everyday experiences. Bonus, its good for your skin!